First Night

Hooray for my first post! It is a little daunting starting this blog but you have to start somewhere, right? Well, lets get right into it.
Let me introduce myself....
My name is Karina Manarin, Phoenix native and desert wanderer. I've been making stuff since I can remember. My mom is an artist so I've had good training and support my whole life. I went to school at ASU for fibers and subsequently fell in love with textile design. There's just so many options, techniques and processes with textiles that I am never bored. I love the fiber arts!! (I guess I'm channeling the "old lady" inside).

Im an internet junkie (I think most people are now-a-days) and I love browsing and finding new artists/techniques and stuff that inspires me. You can see my awesome Pinterest here. I work in the tech industry so I am on the internet/computer all day long. I try to peel myself away from the screen when I get home but it's so very difficult. Oh! And when Im not working at my job or on my art I love to play my guitar. Nothings works better than playing the ole acoustic for some relaxation time.

For the past year, I have been mostly focusing on printing my illustrations on t-shirts, bags, ect. I have begun to feel a little bored of these single prints on a plain background and have recently reevaluated my direction. I've been working really hard the past few months on my new collection which will include a lot more dyeing, colors, pattern and general awesomeness. I'm treating these new pieces like I would a canvas, which is a lot more fun! Here's a little preview:

This season's colors and patterns were inspired by my trek through the Grand Canyon. It's really gorgeous down there: the colors, the rocks, the waterfalls. Its a great place for inspiration. Pictures soon to come!

Well anyway, I want to welcome you to my new blog and I really hope you enjoy! I have a lot of pretty things in store so I hope you will stay tuned.