Shooting Stars and Pumpkin Bars

 I recently took a weekend off and spent some well needed R & R. Out in the country the night sky is amazing. That's something I really miss when living in a big city. Sitting outside sipping cider and watching the stars is just amazing! I even saw a few shooting stars.

This was a great jumping off point for a new series Im working on titled "Dark Galaxy".


I'm still hard at work doing some finishing touches to my pieces. I do have a few more designs I need to print.. eek! Where is the time going! The photo shoot is scheduled for Sunday, hooray! The weather report says it should be rainy which is bummer but I think it should be ok. It's finally turned cold here in sunny Phoenix, it was only a few weeks ago it was 100 degrees. But with the cold weather comes amazing treats such as pumpkin bars and pumpkin spice lattes (my favorite!). They are what's getting me through the week! Powered by espresso and sugar I have gotten a lot done this week on little sleep.  Onward I go!

xxxx oooo