Home Improvements

I purchased my condo in 2007 and it has been through constant change ever since I first assembled my Ikea furniture. Like most ladies out there, rearranging and replacing furniture is a never ending process that brings both love and obsession to a new level. I cant believe my first grand Ikea venture ended with tons of dark dark, way too dark, giant pieces of furniture for a pretty small living room (rookie mistake). I tried to find a good picture of the old living room... and all I could find was pictures of my poker home game. This shows the large looming entertainment unit in the background and a dark shelf peeking in from the side.

I also used to have a giant vintage yellow sofa that I loved. We hauled that thing into two houses.. it was huge and heavy. We ended up giving that away for a little Ikea sofa. Since then I have totally replaced the entertainment unit with low mid century style cabinets in a natural wood stain and painted the side wall a bright bright white. I also got ride of the shelves to keep a more open feel.
Being me, I obviously couldnt leave the wall completely empty. Its hard not to cover the entire thing with fabric, art and photos.. but lets get sophisticated here. I wanted a well curated wall of art and photos.  Miss Moss posted this lovely picture arrangement that I used as my inspiration:

This is my living room before:
This was taken with a super awesome app called photosynth. Since I dont have a garage and Tempe is seriously the bike stealing capital of the world my bike has to be a design element of the room. 

Heres my attempt at a pretty wall art 'cluster':

The Photographs are by Valeria H and some of my own work, as well as some vintage photographs taken by my mom. The middle shot shows a landscape and a photo of my dad carving my moms name into a picnic table (so cute!). I also have a lovely watercolor print by Cate Parr. You can see I used a super professional hanging technique called masking tape for some pieces. I didnt want to have all of the pictures framed and I still need some awesome nice bright picture tape. I think Ive seen that somewhere. Well Im happy with my wall for now. I do have some plans for my other walls.... cant wait.