Weekend Color Warrior

Soooo, Ive been really unproductive and sick and a little bit o lazy. When you have so much to do sometimes you just dont wanna do nothin! Its also hard since my boyfriend is out of town all week and get back only for the weekends, which is when I usually get the majority of my work done.. not anymore!! This weekend I did this amazing thing called the color run. You do a course, wearing a white tee of course, and get hit in the face/body/eyeballs with colored dust. You end up with a rad tee and great pictures. Here's a video about it : http://thecolorrun.com/video/ . I strongly recommend everyone to do one near their region... its so much fun. I love these pictures:

thats my brown pony tail in the front.

pink face = me
After the run we went out for drinks and had a merry time. All colorfied and dirty .. and lovin it.
So after crazy Saturday I spent a low key Sunday trying to get some errands done and be healthy and stuff. 

I made an awesome vegan protein salad:

*Mustard Greens
*Pine Nuts
*Green Pepper
*Yellow Pepper
*Tempeh Bacon

So yummy and some great essential stuff for us crazy vegan folk. Ha, yes!