The Year of Pattern - Week Two

Soo its been a while since I did my first recap, but I really think Im getting in the groove of doing this pattern a day thing. Its time consuming, very time consuming but I like that its opening my mind to future projects and ideas.. which I guess what the point of this exercise!

I started thinking about using photographs of dyed fabric to incorporate into my digital patterns. I love dying because its a really fun and interesting way to get an all over organic pattern pretty easily. I think its unique to use a finished textile to incorporate into a design.. since usually its starts with the design which leads to a finished textile. Wouldnt it be cool to digitally print the patterns and use them somehow with the original fabrics.. oooh yes!! Im always getting ahead of myself but I do have sooooo many ideas I want to do this year.. but Time, my dear friend, is always against me!!

Week two : January 8th - January 14th

Day 8
This was originally a photograph of me from below towards sunlight.

Day 9
Self Portrait in another colorway

Day 10
Digital Landscape

Day 11
Digital Landscape #2

Day 12
Celestial Puzzle
hand dyed textile photograph, digitally altered

 Day 13 - Arrow and Land
hand draw illustration over photograph

Day 14 - Celestial Triangles
digitally altered photograph

Thank you for checking them out!!