Bros Before Geodes


I hope you all had wonderful weekends! I had a crazy Friday night and well, just recuperated the rest of the weekend.. too lazy to get stuff done. I hate when that happens, oh well.

I organized a pre-wedding/engagement party for my best and loveliest friend Lily. She's the beautiful lady model from my photos.. so pret pret! We ate some amazing vegan tacos at Gallo Blanco and dont forget the white sangria!!!! Seriously.. never forget the sangria!  The whole party then met up at the Crescent Ballroom. This place is pretty awesome; its a show venue for bands, a bar, and an outside club area. I like to go dancing there because half the fun is watching my boyfriend horrified by my awesome dance moves.. muahaha. Im just kicking myself that I didnt get more pictures! BAD me!
On saturday I decided it was time to break open the Geode I just bought. Here is the Geode sequence of events:

Thats my boyfriends hand. No, he didnt just wake up from clubbing. The wrist band
is for his new favorite activity, fast go-cart racing.. ugh.

Ooooooooooo so pretty! Yay! I think I may use them in my upcoming photo shoots. Hint Hint Hint.. this is a clue to the theme of my upcoming collection.. more details and previews to come!

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Peanut says hi! and bye!