Inspire/Admire with Closet Visit

Hello all! 

I came upon Closet Visit about a few months ago and instantly began obsessing over the amazing portraits and hidden treasures from the coolest women in LA and world wide.
The creator and photographer,  Jeana Sohn started the project with a visit to her close friend Heather Taylor, Co-owner and Director of Taylor De Cordoba, a really awesome LA based art gallery.

Its interesting to get a glimpse of these "collections" which uniquely reflect the creativity and lives these interesting women have led. The mini interview section is a fav of mine as well. (I found some
of their advice to be quite insightful). It also feels very apropos to be writing about this project today, as it's international womens day and this site is full of kick-ass ladies! The women featured have amazing style......... but they are also successful, creative and talented. Which often times gets over looked in the art/fashion industry.

I love projects that seem to be solely fueled by talent and passion for creating. It makes me feel like I gotta get to it....ya know....... instead of spending all my time drooling at pretty things on the interwebz!! Since I have been working on more illustration and patterns this year I decided to take some of my favorite photographs from the site for use on my own illustrations. 

Photograph from Closet Visit with Sunny Walker, owner of Painted Bird.  
I love rings! Big rings, little rings, stacked ring.. great way to show them off too.

This image is from the Closet Visit of Kathryn Bentley of  Kathryn Bentley Co. and Dream Collective. She's an amazing jewelry designer and her designs and personal collected pieces are photographed so beautifully! The texture of her pieces lend very well to illustration.... oh yeah and that amazing striped dress too! Yay for stripes.

This photograph is from the 'Matilde' video. If the photo shoots werent enough to send you over the moon.... this definitely will. Check out the video here.

 I hope you all enjoyed this illustrative study and have fun spending the rest of the day clicking through the pages of Closet Visit.
Have a wonderful weekend!