Back to Business

Hey Hey! So Its been a very very long time since Ive posted. I've been working on my new collection.. seems like Ive been saying that FOREVER! Ive been a little mysterious and havent been tweeting/pinning/ect as much as I was because I was trying to get this stuff done!! And I ordered really awesome fabric labels.. but they got lost in the mail!! Arggg.Well, they reordered them for me free of charge but I have to wait another month. I also ordered little jewelry tags which just arrived in the mail! Super awesomeness , huh?!

Im a little crazy and decided I wanted to create complementary jewelry pieces for this collection. Especially since using gems and rocks seems like an obvious go to. I worked with jewelry in college, mostly using woven/fiber related techniques but havent shown them in the public arena. I find it more relaxing (as dying and printing can get exhausting).

My new collection for summer/fall is called Urban Geology. Im focusing on using textures, inspiration, patterns from rocks and minerals for dying/printing my pieces.
Heres a lil glimpse:

This project has been a lot of fun but Ill be so relieved when its finished! Im just really stressing about the photo shoots.. getting a little crazy about it being 'perfect'.

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See ya next time-