Sample Sale + New Stuff

Hello all!

Summer is now in full swing... and it couldnt get hotter here. It's been at least 108 degrees every day this week. Its sooooo tiring.. especially when ya gotta take your pup out all day to avoid puppy accidents. But I still do truely love it. I love the summers here while I know some dread it because of the extreme heat.
I love being lazy around the pool and listening to music. My parents were semi hippies so I grew up chilling with reggae poolside. So whenever it starts sweltering here, like a Pavlovian reaction... gotta put on some UB40!

I have some summer vacation plans.. no where fancy, but I cant wait! I want to do some kayaking and lake swimming. I need to cool off! There are a few nice lakes about an hour from here. Little known fact- Arizona has the most boats per capital.. weird.

I've posted a few new sample sale items.. that come directly from the new project I've been working on.
These are a lot less expensive than the final products, so get em while they're hot!

Geologic Layers
Created with photos of my dyed pieces.



  1. so awesome! just picked up a couple of them :)


  2. Thanks Naomi! Been working hard on this new stuff! So glad to hear you like it!


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