Daily Patterns - Week 8

Good morning to you! So I confess I have been totally slacking on my daily patterns but I still plan on posting a print or pattern for each day.. just a little late. Better late than never right? It will be a pattern for each day of the year but maybe not a pattern made on that date each day for the year ;/ . It was just way too time consuming on days where I had other very high priorities. I still love doing it!

Day 50 - Color Stacks

Day 51 - Stripes of Landscape

Day 52 - Dark Geometric

Day 53 - Printed Mushroom

Day 54 - Pods

Day 55 - Indigo Shibori

Day 56 - Celestial Dust Tee Pattern

Day 57 - Turquoise Triangles

Thanks for lookin!




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