Workin for the Weekend!

So I have been staying up long nights so its finally time to take a nap and chill out. My moms house is one of my favorite places to hang out, it's so chill and my mom makes the best soy lattes around!! I lived there for almost 20 years so maybe thats got something to do with it! We moved to this house when I was two and I lived there until my 21st birthday. I was still in college at the time, it was only a few miles away to ASU so I decided to live at home. Yeah, my mom was ready to get rid of me (lovingly of course!) haha I was and still am a big mess maker. So I've only lived in four abodes my whole life. Maybe I need a bit more crazy in my life!! We counted up my boyfriends places and it was well over 20, so insane! His father is a safety director for the mines so they have moved all over the country for his work.
I took some instagram and other snap shots of my moms yard from the past few weekends. She is SERIOUSLY into gardening and plants. I've only started to get into it. Its funny how we take some things for granted and then realize how beautiful they are later. My mom is an avid hiker/artist/teacher/gardener. The only thing I really clung to was the art component to her life. Now Im gaining appreciation for all the wondrous places we hiked when I was a child and the wonderful things she exposed me to.

I love desert scenery and plants.

Have a lovely weekend.




  1. I stumbled on your Etsy shop and now your blog...and I must say, your work is GORGEOUS! I am originally from Phoenix (Snotsdale) but now live in Texas. This post makes me miss home so much and I can't wait to move back. Maybe one of these days I'll see your designs at Phoenix Fashion Week? :)


    1. Hi Nicole!

      Yes, I love it here.. sometimes I do need a dose of real greenery though! I actually volunteered with PFW a few years ago, it was fun! I may choose to show my work their in the future :D


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