The Arizona Project - Fossil Creek - #1

Hi! Hello! Buenos Dias mi amor!
Hope you all are doing very well. I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately. Its a good thing. I just turned 27 so I guess that's how it goes.

Everyone gets used to the surroundings where they have grown up or lived in for awhile. We all take stuff for granted, and sometimes we are all guilty of that 'grass is greener' feeling. I usually look longingly at the green tide pools, lush trees, ocean beaches, and mysterious forests while browsing online that I kind of push my current scenery aside as boring and deserty-blaah. Sooo I've decided to start this project to start doing what I've always loved: exploring and seeing new things. And also to take full advantage of living in a truly adventure-ready state, to appreciate what is in my own back yard.

The plan is to visit 100 inspiring, awesome, scenic places around the state of Arizona. I also want to ride my motorcycle to as many of the places as I can. For some reason this sounds cooler, right? It's been a sweltering insanely hot summer so riding has kind of been put on hold until conditions improve. Meanwhile, its almost October and still above 100 most days, arrg. I have a few places I've visited lined up already to share with you guys. This first post is dedicated to the scenic and beautiful hiking trail of Fossil Creek. Jimmy-Jo and I made a late start for the day and got going at around 11, heading from our house in Tempe to Payson on our motos.

The hiking trail, round trip, is about 8 miles long. We took the upper creek trail down to the bottom of the canyon. It took 4 miles just to get to the water. I wish we could have hiking further down the creek but daylight wasnt on our side. Side Note: Near the bottom of the creek (maybe like 5 miles further??) You can see it on the map posted below. The road down to the lower trail was just too busted up to ride on.  Supposedly there's a hot springs and a facility for rehabilitation for criminals. This is just what my dad told me. He also said nudist people love to frolic there. Wish we could have gotten down there! (eeek!) Also the dirt road to the main trail head was horrible! Riding those giant bumps, boulders and craters was intense on a motorcycle. I was seriously freaked out.

The area's whats known as Rim country for the beautiful Mogollon Rim which spans hundred of miles, cutting across the high desert landscape. You descend down a canyon from desert landscape to a lush creek.. with real trees! Yay!

First trek of the series, yay!

Filling the tires with air.

Trail Map - Took Upper Trail to Fossil Springs

On our way down

note the person for scale

broken ladder

we swam just around that bend. it was freezing.

farmer tan

on the way back.

Unfortunately, this is an extremely popular spot so theres not a lot of privacy. We also didnt have too much time because we had to make it back up to the motorcycles before dark. I was terrified of driving over the insane dirt road in the dark. We then went to chili's (the only place really open) and then drove 2 hours back home in the chili darkness. It was glorious.