2012 Recap - Through my iPhone's Eyes

I'm a file hoarder. Yes, I am. I painstakingly review all of my photos in my iPhones Photo Album to see which ones I can sadly delete for more room. Its sad, but I like it that way, Dont Judge! Currently there are 2893 photos on my new phone after deleting the expendables.
This is my new phone! Note the Palms!
 (Special thanks to my boss, Craig for his photography skills)

Getting a new phone is like moving. You move all of your digital baggage, furniture and tchotchke that you've been ignoring from your old device to your shiny new phone. Only in this process you realize, you have too much stuff! New phone is pretty and only deserves the best. Scrolling through my photos reminded me that I did do some cool stuff last year and most of it I was too lazy/busy to post about. I have to urge to put a little explanation under each photos...cant help it.

New car!

Color run!

I got a new puppy!!
Hiking South Mountain with the Pups.
Neighborhood walks.

pool time.

My best friend got married!

Shot from a photo shoot I did for my cousin for graduating nursing school, yay!

Holy cactus

Racing with my sisters!

Canyon Lake pontooning for my 27th birthday!

Dust storms.

Scorpion season.... ick.

Camping for my friends bachelor party in the White Mountains. Peanut was good camouflage.

Kingman area

Lots of road trips.

Shot from my spring collection. yay.

My brother got a new puppy!

New things in the works!

I have a lot of new things brewing for 2013, I hope they turn out well! Its always a bit nerve wracking when trying something different. One of those things is totally designing this blog, tumblr, website, ect. I hope to get it all pretty by my nest post!

Its been a good start to 2013, Im trying to stick to my goals and plans. I made a list of about 50 goals, some for this year and some further out. It's really dorky and something I dont really want to share just yet..
One of my goals this year is to reach out to people and get help for various aspects of trying to get this creative thing up and running. I also hope to collaborate more and be more involved with different projects and shows through the year. It gets lonely doing it all on your own!

Here's to being productive!

Happy Friday!