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I was featured on the Etsy blog yesterday, The Indie Lines and Vintage Finds guest post by Mariah Palmer of Everything Golden, where she shared some amazing finds. I actually happened upon her blog a few months ago and loved her beautiful finds and cute DIYs, but her advocacy of wild animals is beyond cool!

I've been working on experiments and making some grand plans lately that I really hope work out well! If you follow me on Instagram, you've been seeing all of the jewelry and ceramic pieces and tests Ive been posting for my fall collection. What??! Jewelry you say??! Yes, Ive been planning for a while to do a little change in the direction of my work. Screen printing these days is tiring and has left me a bit uninspired. I still want to keep fiber work and dye at the core of what I do. Dyeing is really fun, and for anyone who hasnt tried it.... get on it! Dharma trading has all of the supplies and easy to follow instructions. I'm also going to start working in a more seasonal fashion and introduce some of my own created silhouettes, eek yay! The fall collection will feature dyed and digitally printed scarves, fiber and ceramic jewelry and hopefully a few totes (If everything goes to plan). I've had a lot of fun making some crazy t-shirts but I think its time for me to graduate into different areas.. Ive got so many ideas! I still hope to design one or two classic, perfectly fitting styles, for which my textile designs and dye patterns can go rampant. I hope you all will love what I'm working on and my new direction. Changing can be scary! Here's a few bits and pieces from life right now.

PS I wish I had a pony.

See you soon <>Karina<>


  1. Well done for being featured on the etsy blog. I checked out your Instagram profile and you have captured some lovely images. I have just joined Instagram and think it's really great.

  2. Thanks so much, April! Yeah, Instagram is a LOT of fun isnt it!?

  3. hey karina girl!
    i'm poking around your blog tonight. so excited to see what happens with your ceramics! it's a constant struggle for me trying to find the balance between my glass and textile work. i love both so much though and it's nice to be able to leave one medium and work on another.

    1. Hi Arlie!!!
      Yes, I totally know what you're saying! The ceramic adventures have been too few and far between for me, Im trying to make some time for new work though! Hopefully when my new studio is finished and the puppies have gone to their loving new homes I can finally have some time! I love following your artistic ventures as well, Im in love with those glass vases!

  4. oh yeah - and you've been killing me with those puppy photos lately! oh my god they are so adorable


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