Weekend in Tucson

Its been quiet here on the blog for awhile. But get ready!! I have a lot of new projects and stuff I want/need to share. I realized that I don't post many of my little travel exploits, most are just little road trips across the state and into California and Nevada. I have a few little snapshots I will sprinkle here and there over time. Most are taken with my iPhone but occasionally I break out the heavy duty Nikon for some "nice" pictures.
Over the weekend I took a little trip to see my boyfriend whose working down in Tucson. I brought all the pups (smiling poop emoji). I really really really enjoyed Tucson. We stayed near the downtown area, and there so many amazing little adobe houses, great food establishments and historic buildings. One other really great attribute of Tucson is the one hour drive up the Catalinas to the top of Mt Lemmon. You can get out of the heat and enjoy trees and fresh air. The view isn't too bad either. 


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